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New friends and new possibilities


Gather round. I have finally found the point of social media.

I’ve always had such mixed feelings about it all, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blah blah. The idea of connecting people seemed to be getting lost in an avalanche of pictures of someone’s lunch, the glass of wine that had saved them from work-induced insanity and the dreaded selfies. I had begun to feel like I had missed the boat. Instead of being in the moment, was I supposed to take a picture and share it just so that everyone would know I’d experienced it?
So often I have been on the brink of deleting all my accounts and retreating to the hills but these days, that really has become a clear signal that you don’t want to know. Not today thanks.
Then all of a sudden, I found the greatness hidden underneath all the pouting, avocado toasts and selfie sticks (seriously… who thought that should be the next great invention.).

I have spent most of my time on this blog shouting loud about the wonder of Instagram and its sewing community. But I’m afraid I’m going to do it a little more. Because what I have discovered is a network of people that are just like me. A phenomenon that, I have found, is remarkably difficult to come by.
While participating in a photo challenge through September, I had comments from the same lady on a few of my posts, so I had a nosey at her page (@pilar_bear). Pilar’s life (at least her Instagram life) seemed to be so similar to mine. A joyful celebration of her gorgeous little boy, balanced with her passion for sewing and the battle that ensues when you try to make time for both.
After a few messages back and forth it was clear – we knew each other. We understood. So we decided to give each other a little support and encouragement through a little challenge. We both agreed that to keep sewing and blogging about it, it would be great to have some prompts. Something to hang onto so that our precious creative time was just that, and not taken up with trying to decide exactly what to make.

SewingMamas Project was initially something that we created for each other, but we decided there was bound to be many more Sewing Mamas who find it hard to make time for what they love without feeling the guilt and frustration that comes along with it when you have a teeny tiny person relying on you. So here it is, get involved and let us know if you do – let’s share the community and friendship that social media should always have been able to nurture.

Here’s the idea: on the 1st of every month we’ll post an idea for you to use as a basis for your creations, one for the mama, one for the baby. You can use any pattern and any fabric you like. I know that both of us are hoping to do some thrifty recycling and stash busting but use whatever your little heart desires! Share the things you make by the end of the month and tag us @sewingmamasproject with the #sewingmamas and we can all be cheerleaders for each other! This is not a competition, there is no pressure. Just a chance to focus on what we love and make sure that we recognise how important it is to do something just for us. Happy mamas make for happy babies and all that jazz!
We’ll post the new projects on Instagram and show you what we’re up to on our blogs with a little round-up on the last day of the month.

November’s projects are a jumper for the ladies and dungarees for the tiddlers. I’m hoping to have a crack at a Seamwork Astoria and some upcycled dungarees from a pattern Pilar sent me. Watch this space and happy sewing!


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